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Personal Training for Everyone

All personalized personal training programs come with a well planned out routine that includes cardiovascular, resistance, strength training, endurance, flexibility and nutritional coaching.

One-on-One Personal Training

  • Hiring a personal trainer to guide you through your workout on a one-on-one basis can be motivation for you to actually maintain a trainer and stick to your diet. Making that commitment and paying for a trainer will make it harder for you to skip your workout. Your trainer will create a training plan based on your goals. He or she can help with your diet and can show you the proper techniques when using fitness equipment. Our personal trainers come to your house with workout equipment so you can train in the comfort of your own home.

Group Personal Training

  • Group personal training can be a fun way to incorporate regular exercise into your life in a group atmosphere. Group personal training ranges from boot camp and spinning to Pilates and kickboxing. Schedule your weekly classes today. Working out with a group of people, whether they are your friends or not, can be motivating and less boring.

Sport-Specific Personal Training

  • If you are trying to excel in a certain sport, you can hire a trainer who specializes in sport-specific personal training. Whether it is basketball, golf, football, baseball, marathon running, sprinting, biking or martial arts, sport-specific personal training will help you improve through targeted exercises and drills. These types of workouts can increase your speed, strength, endurance or explosiveness.

Elderly Personal Training

  • If you are a senior who wants to get in better physical condition, you can find a personal trainer who specializes in elderly training. The trainer will do exercises with you that will help you function and feel better. Your trainer will make sure you don't get hurt while exercising. Tell your trainer about any physical ailments that could prevent you from doing certain exercises. Light cardiovascular exercise might be included in your training, to condition your heart. To combat muscle loss associated with aging, strength-training exercises can be done in order to continue to remain living a healthy lifestyle.

Kids Personal Training

  • Most children who exercise may have leaner body composition, less fat and are less prone to becoming overweight or obese. Those who are already overweight must lose those extra pounds through exercise and nutrition. As a result of being at a healthy weight that is proportional to height and body type, a child is less prone to develop serious diseases that can result from being overweight. Scientist have proven that exercise helps the immune system and will lower most health risks and can provide focus and happiness for all children.  

Disability Personal Training

  • We help clients meet their fitness goals by providing a unique fitness program tailored to fit each person’s individual needs. Whether you are in a wheelchair, suffering from a sports injury, work injury or have a disability that limits your ability to exercise, Ohio Family Fitness will help you meet or exceed your fitness goals. We understand how difficult it is taking care of your physical fitness when you have a disability. Exercise is especially important for people with disabilities. It helps to maintain your body strength, keep up your energy, and reduces stress and fatigue. Get set up today!