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"I contacted Michael because his Personal Trainer Service sounded great when I read about it on his website. After listening to him described his service to me, I was excited to start. After just 2 months of training and changing my eating habits, I have already met my goal. Also, my Personal Trainer that he connected me with is fabulous.

Thank you Michael! "

Vivienne M.

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

"Ohio Family Fitness is awesome. Courtney Long trained with me for 12 sessions at my house and each session was spectacular. We stretched before the workout, warmed up, hit is hard, cooled down and stretched more. No issues with my bad sciatica. As a matter of fact, after each training session the back felt better. I am looking forward to future workouts with Ohio Family Fitness training with Courtney Long. After I complete my sessions I will be renewing.

I recommend Ohio Family Fitness to everyone who wants to get in shape, eat and live healthy and feel great!"

Dana Mosely

Dublin, Ohio

"Ohio Family Fitness is so unique with their training philosophies. The trainer comes to me 3 days per week and we work in the comfort of my home. Michael Washington is an amazing trainer with years of experience. I'm down 30 pounds and I feel excellent. I highly recommend Ohio Family Fitness for anyone looking to get in shape!"

Deryck Richardson

Hilliard, Ohio

"My wife and I have lost over 65 pounds of body fat within the past 8 months. I am no longer dependent on my insulin due to the fact that Ohio Family Fitness and there wonderful staff has helped me with my exercise and nutrition needs. Our lives have been changed for the better. We thought we knew it all until we realized that we could never put a price on our health & fitness. They fit all budgets and take payment plans.

I would recommend there top of the line service to everyone." Join Ohio Family Fitness today!

John & Amy

Dublin, Ohio

"Now to tell you a little about myself. I am a mother of 6 beautiful children and I have always been very active. After the birth of my 4th child I faced a lot of health issues. I fought cervical cancer, psoriatic arthritis, major depression and my weight was at a dangerous 247lbs at 5’4”. Finally After experiencing the brink of a stroke (TIA). I knew it was time to make some changes!

I joined Ohio Family Fitness and they showed me the way and pushed me to succeed a healthier more holistic way of living my life. This is the point where my life changed and my journey began. I am down over 100+lbs! Thank you guys!

Courtney Long

Canal Winchester